Adrian Phillips: Rearming the RAF for the Second World War

The Damcasters
The Damcasters
Adrian Phillips: Rearming the RAF for the Second World War

The ‘Spitfire Summer’ of 1940 is lodged in the heads of the British psyche like few other conflicts. Yet, the mix of aircraft that the RAF fielded in the early years of the Second World War were not the ones many remember, and the types that would become famous as the conflict wore on were still years away. Historian Adrian Phillips joined me to discuss the politics and battles the RAF went through, internally and externally, as they raced to modernise and figure out just what type of war they would be fighting.

I found Adrian’s book a fascinating read and one that certainly challenges many perceptions and ideas I have. I hope you find the discussion as interesting as I did.

Rearming the RAF for the Second World War: Poor Strategy and Miscalculation by Adrian Phillips is published by Pen and Sword and is available now.

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