Alaina Lewis: The Art of Wooden Propellers

The Damcasters - The Aviation History Podcast
The Damcasters - The Aviation History Podcast
Alaina Lewis: The Art of Wooden Propellers

It is rare when you are doomscrolling Instagram that you find something truly wonderful. Out at Culver Props in Rolla, Missouri, Alaina Lewis makes wooden propellers and finding her on Instagram was a balm in a dark time. Seeing the incredible skill that goes into making true customer propellers for custom aircraft is a joy. And then I got to meet Alaina. Our conversation is wide-ranging as we discuss how her family saved Culver Props, how she learnt the art from her Grandfather, the importance of reading specifications properly and, vitally, what the heck does a propeller actually do? The story Alaina tells is heartfelt and full of passion and skill and makes this podcaster with the softest of hands want to make things. I hope you enjoy it too. Once again, the Riverside app I use to record with my guests decided to play up, so my audio isn’t what I hoped it would be. Alaina, though, sounds great, and that is the important thing.

You can find Culver Props on Instagram at:

The Culver Props Lathe is at:

Alaina’s YouTube Channel is:

The Culver Props website is:

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