Ester Aube: The AirCorps Library and Saving North American Aviation’s Drawings

The Damcasters - The Aviation History Podcast
The Damcasters - The Aviation History Podcast
Ester Aube: The AirCorps Library and Saving North American Aviation's Drawings

The sigh of relief that goes up when the phrase “there is a drawing for that” is uttered in aviation restoration houses around the world is palpable. The excitement when tens of thousands of original North American Aviation drawings were announced as being passed to the AirCorps Library was akin to a party. The tale of how Ken Jungeberg saved a treasure trove from the fire is only part of my conversation with the manager of the AirCorp Library, Ester Aube.

Ester is an archivist and one who manages the incredible resource that is the AirCrop Library, one that is available to everyone, not just the incredibly talented team at AirCorps out in Bemidji, Minnesota. In our chat, we discuss how the Library came into being, the intricacies of coping with microfilm, the joys of metadata, how Ken saved his treasure trove of drawings from being incinerated and, of course, this year’s Oshkosh.

You can sign up for the AirCrops Library for just $6 a month or $60 a year. There you get access to an incredible array of manuals and technical drawings, perfect for the restorer, researcher, modeller or aviation geek. Check it out at:

The AirCorps Library Blog with all the latest updates is at:

Find out the latest on AirCorps’ latest restorations, including the fantastic ex-Jimmy Stewart and Jackie Cochran P-51C Thunderbird, at:

The AirCorps Library Instagram is at:

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