Focke-Wulf’s Savage Airliner with Matthew Willis

The Damcasters - The Aviation History Podcast
The Damcasters - The Aviation History Podcast
Focke-Wulf's Savage Airliner with Matthew Willis

The Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condor was a savage airliner. Kurt Tank’s elegant design evolved from a luxurious civil aircraft into a feared maritime reconnaissance bomber and transport aircraft. Naval air historian Matthew Willis joins us to look at the operational life and legacy of the Condor.

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00:01 Introduction

00:31 Sponsorship and Partnerships

01:43 Interview with Matt Willis: The Story Behind the Book

04:49 The Birth of the Focke Wulf FW 200

08:34 The Role of Deutsche Lufthansa in the Development of the FW 200

14:10 A Modern Airliner

21:35 Reception and Use by Lufthansa

29:56 The FW 200’s Transition to Military Use

40:48 Exploring the PB4Y Privateer at the Pima Airspace Museum

43:28 The Condor’s Role in the War

44:47 The Condor’s Effectiveness and Limitations

55:04 A Fragile Bird?

01:05:29 The Condor’s Impact on Allied Forces

01:09:52 The Legacy and Conclusion

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