IWM Duxford’s Unsung Heroes with Matthew Willis

The Damcasters
The Damcasters
IWM Duxford's Unsung Heroes with Matthew Willis

As we were at Duxford for last week’s ace chat with Rebecca Greenwood Hard about the hurricane: Unsung Hero exhibition, historian Matt Willis and I decided to have a wander around and celebrate what we feel are some of Duxford’s unsung heroes. As the museum was closing, we had to rush about a bit. Despite the time slipping away from us, we did get to have a look at the restoration hanger and the huge effort going into the Avro Shackleton. In the American Air Museum, Matt couldn’t stop me, despite his very best efforts, from getting on my hobby horse about what was the best North American Aviation aircraft of the Second World War. Spoiler – it ain’t the Mustang. This is my hill. I’m going to fight you for it.

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