Magnificent Women and Flying Machines with Sally Smith

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The Damcasters
The Damcasters
Magnificent Women and Flying Machines with Sally Smith

Women have been involved in flight from the earliest moments, yet they have been relegated to the margins in most of our histories. So it was fantastic to read Sally Smith’s book that brings these magnificent women back to our attention.

From women who flew balloons professionally in the 19th century to the Manchester lass who won the most prestigious air race in the country and the first Briton to go to space after hearing a radio advert, women have fought to be seen as equals and have forever excelled in the air.

Sally Smith is a journalist, skydiver and balloonist whose book Magnificent Women and Flying Machines contains a series of biographies of female aviators that demand reading and chatting about. So today, we look at a few of them and I hope you find these women as magnificent as I have.

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